Sunday, April 18, 2010

Design stage

So now im pretty much done gutting out the cab. So now im onto the next phase, of designing everything before the application. So thanks to someone over in the BYOAC Forums, I found the PERFECT control panel layout, and they even sent me the Photoshop file so I could make it my own.

So heres version 1.0. I may add a single image or two, but this is pretty much it. Im going for a very clean look.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day Two

Well I have to say, im pretty impressed with as far I have come in two short days. I really didnt think I would be at this point so soon.

Day Two included the following activity:

-I got the labeling off the other side completely.
-Marquee uninstalled, and old light bar taken out
-Old speakers taken out
-Control panel box taken apart
-Giant steel security latch unbolted (Pain in the you know what)
-Coin door removed
-Entire CPU and all wires taken out.

So now I just need to get the power box out, and shop vac the entire thing out as it has a lot of debris and dust. After that I will start to give everything a good wipe down to get it ready for a little bit of paint.

Now its time to figure out the whole CP issue: Xarcade or not. Do I spend the extra $100 to make a custom panel? I know the answer is yes, I just dont know if its the right answer for now.

Heres some photos.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Delayed posting from day one

So after renting a uhaul, loading and unloading this beast, its finally home and I got right to work.

Took all of the t-molding right off, and started to peel off some of the vinyl stickering on the sides. Some pretty good progress for only an hours work.

With the wifey going back to work last week, and a 4 month old in the house, time will be limited to an hour or two every couple of days. But thats what I expected when I started, so im pacing myself. Cant lie tho... I am pretty anxious about this whole thing.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Design Insperation

Definitely a retro feel to it. Orange cabinet, with blues, yellows, whites, and a bit of woodgrain!

The side art.

The feel of the color scheme

Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 years in the making.

Hi, My name is Trevor and I am building my own arcade machine.

Not one with a single game on it, that will bore me after a couple of plays.

Not one that requires me to know the dance steps to "DJ WackJob's Ultra Mix".

And definitely not one that requires me to head to the change machine before sitting down.

What I'm building is a completely customized machine, that plays everything from the original Pong, to the latest episode from the Mario Brothers and everything in between... literally. It will have thousands of games on it from the age of Ataris, Nintendos, Segas, and the arcade classics. One minute I could be playing Mario 64, and with the press of a button I can jump back 20 years, and relive the original Donkey Kong.

See I have never really been much for the new Xbox and Playstation games. For me they require way too much time, and knowledge to really enjoy them. I love to sit down, and play a few levels on a game like Root Beer Tapper, or Burgertime. Just give me a high score, and let me get on with the rest of my day.

For 5 years now, I have been wanting, and planning on how I could accomplish this project. And finally on April 11th 2010, I took step number one.

Where do I go from here? Well I will have to strip down this cabinet completely. Get all of the existing game stickering off and give it a fresh new look. I have to clear out all of the electronic guts from the inside and replace it with a new computer unit. Also a large task will be creating an entirely new control panel as there isnt one whatsoever.

Its a lot of work, but it will be fun and rewarding in the end.

Lets go!